- Change your story, change your life



What's Your Story?

If your life is terrific in this moment, and if you expect it to go on being so, congratulations!
The story you are telling, consciously or otherwise, is working wonderfully.

If, however, you are caught in some reality you don't like-

if the nightly news sends you to bed despairing for the world

if you lie awake regularly worrying about how to deal with--
               your relationships
               your work
               your bank account
               your immediate future

if fear or anger are the emotions that seem most prevalent in your life

or if you just find yourself wishing to experience more joy, more love, or more happiness

-you may wish to sample Story Principle and see whether you can put it to work for you.


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Why StoryHealer?

For as long as humans have used language, we have been telling stories. Whether around a campfire, parent to child, friend to friend, or nation to nation, our stories have defined us for ourselves and each other, maintained our histories, given us a sense of shared experience.

Storyteller is, then, an age old title, one that Stephanie Tolan adopted for herself when she was a child, caught up in the thrill of using her imagination and excited by the freedom and power storytelling gave her. If a story began to go awry in the telling, it was "only a story," and could be changed. Unsatisfied with one incident or one ending, the storyteller could simply create another.

And so she became a writer, capturing her stories in plays, in poetry and in novels for children and young adults. Later, as a consultant on the needs of gifted children and adults, she began sharing the true stories of individuals whose lives were complicated by difference and isolation, in order that others (and the gifted themselves) could understand them better.

As she moved back and forth between fiction and nonfiction, she began to see that storytelling lies at the center of all human experience in ways most of us don't realize. We both hear and tell stories in almost every moment, whether we are aware of it or not. Rather than giving us freedom and power, this unconscious storytelling all too often captures us in a narrow, restricted, often painful place from which it can seem impossible to escape–a place we have turned from story into reality.

Asked, now, to define the focus of her life, Stephanie Tolan uses a new term--storyhealer. This website is named for the healing power of what Tolan calls Story Principle, which enlists one of our greatest natural assets–imagination–to change our stories and enrich our lives. is dedicated to exploring the infinite possibilities of story for the benefit of ourselves and our world.

                        "Change Your Story, Change Your Life"

At the annual convention of the National Association for Gifted Children in 2005 Tolan gave a presentation with the above title. That presentation was later summarized in an article in The Communicator, a respected journal from the California Association for the Gifted. Many who heard the initial presentation or subsequent presentations Tolan gave to groups of fiction writers, or who read it in print or online, asked whether she could expand on Story Principle and help them put it to work in their lives. It is now a full length book, available as a free download, or you may sample a brief excerpt first, also available as a free download. Both are offered under the Creative Commons license (details here).